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Sponsored Residential

Sponsored Residential homes provide a caring and family-like setting with full 24/7 support.

For many individuals ages 18 and up with developmental or intellectual disabilities, the opportunity to live in a nurturing, home-based setting as active members of a family can make a world of difference.


The MARCS Agency recruits and provides in-depth training to committed individuals, families and couples who wish to open their homes and become care providers. Our team works hard to match individuals with disabilities to compassionate care providers who offer personalized support to individuals in their homes. In some cases, an individual’s parents may become their sponsored residential provider.


Our staff is there to assist care providers throughout the process with training, supervision, and case management for the individual being served. The family or individual providing services is licensed through The MARCS Agency, and the host family is responsible for meeting the needs of the individual including implementing the person’s service plan goals.

Our Sponsor providers open their homes and provide a nurturing environment for people with all types of disabilities. They provide more than just a place to sleep and food on the table. They provide an extended family. 


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